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Examples of Pilates Moves on the Mat

Mat work is the foundation of Pilates and provides a great full body workout. Our Mat programme includes the full repertoire of Pilates exercises, along with modifications and variations designed to achieve results for a wide range of clients. We incorporate small equipment into the Mat programme, i.e. foam rollers, stability balls, isotoners & chi balls.

The Pilates Equipment in our Studio

The Reformer is a flexible piece of equipment allowing resistance and support for exercises involving every part of the body. The Cadillac (trapeze table) is suitable for more advanced moves. The Spine Corrector is effective for stretching the spine and shoulders in a safe way. There are many exercises for the Wunda Chair, excellent for strengthening the core as well as arms and legs.



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New - the CoreFitnessRoller (re-branded as Balanced Body MOTR)

Combines the comfort of a foam roller, with the challenge of 3 weight level resistance. Work out in 8 different body positions to enhance core strength.