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Pilates Teacher

Pilates Teacher Training

How the Training Programme Works

Becoming a Pilates Teacher takes time and effort. Balanced Body has designed a world renowned programme to make the process easy to understand, flexible and affordable. Modules are taken in sequence to complete the Mat or Reformer training programme and additional hours of practice are required before you can test out and receive a certificate of completion.

Every module includes a certificate of completion for that course and the relevant manual. The module certificates establish you as a Balanced Body student teacher. Additional personal practice, observation and student teaching hours are required to become a fully qualified Balanced Body Pilates Teacher.

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Become a Pilates Teacher

The Pilates Teacher training programme will open your mind to the magic of movement and the joy of teaching.

The curriculum is rooted in the classical work that Joseph Pilates taught.

You will also learn variations and modifications that were developed in response to scientific advances and the needs of todays student for work that is safe, effective and fun.

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Education Prerequisites

To be the best Pilates Instructor possible, personal practice with Pilates, experience teaching movement and a solid foundation in Anatomy are required. The minimum prerequisites are as follows:

Balanced Body Mat Instructor

Balanced Body Reformer Instructor

To fulfil your Anatomy requirement you have several options:

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