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These are copies of the Powerpoint presentations that run along with each module. The downloads are PDFs.
Movement Principles Module 1 (10,048KB)
Movement Principles Module 2 (30,731KB)
Movement Principles Module 3 (15,786KB)
Movement Principles Module 4 (19,613KB)
Movement Principles Module 5 (25,630KB)
Mat 1 (13,341KB)
Mat 2 (4,911KB)
Mat 3 (9,014KB)
ThinkFit! Mat & Props Programming (9,380KB)
Reformer 1 (17,633KB)
Reformer 2 (10,260KB)
Reformer 3 (6,104KB)
Balanced Body Reformer Programming (6,858KB)
Advancing your Reformer (654KB)

These are copies of forms and other resources you have been using during your training. The downloads are PDFs.
DropBox link for BB Logo and Images
Class Observation Form (62KB)
Postural Analysis Form (47KB)
Matwork Moves all Details (147KB)
Order of Matwork Moves (35KB)
Class Planning (42KB)
Beginner Class Plans (56KB)
Mat 1 Question 12 (24KB)
N.B. Beginner hand-outs (below). These are designed to be printed double-sided then folded in three. To make sense on A4, start at page 2 reading left to right, then the same for page 1. There is also a Word version for each, which you can edit to suit.

Beginner Hand-Out W1 (682KB)
W1 Word Version (607KB)
Beginner Hand-Out W3 (484KB)
W3 Word Version (935KB)
Beginner Hand-Out W6 (360KB)
W6 Word Version (670KB)
Beginner Hand-Out W9 (435KB)
W9 Word Version (1,152KB)
Beginner Hand-Out W12 (453KB)
W12 Word Version (751KB)
Mat 1 Practise & Consolidation Workshop (7,730KB)
Mat 2 Question 8 (214KB)