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Pilates Teacher Training Downloads:

Pilates Mat Foundation Training Flyer (665KB)

Pilates Reformer Foundation Training Flyer (927KB)

Purely Pilates Course Registration Form (118KB)

Directions to Purely Pilates (188KB)

Pilates Lessons & Classes Downloads:

Class Booking Form & Health Questionnaire (148KB)

One-to-one Booking Form & Health Questionnaire (182KB)

Beginner 1st Block 1st Handout (682KB)

Beginner 1st Block 2nd Handout (484KB)

Beginner 1st Block 3rd Handout (360KB)

Beginner 2nd Block 1st Handout (435KB)

Beginner 2nd Block 2nd Handout (453KB)

Student Teacher Downloads:

Dropbox Link for Balanced Body Logo & Images

Movement Principles Module 1 (6,130KB)

Movement Principles Module2 (24,649KB)

Movement Princiuples Module 3 (16,475KB)

Movement Principles Module 4 (16,788KB)

Movement Principles Module 5 (13,968KB)

Mat 1 Presentation (11,984KB)

Lumbopelvic Stability Presentation (4,536KB)

Order of Matwork Moves (35KB)

Matwork Moves all Details (147KB)

Beginners vs Intermediate Diagram (860KB)

Moves Diagram (171KB)

Moves Diagram 2 (1,367KB)

Moves Diagram 3 (1,007KB)

Postural Analysis (47KB)

Class Observations (64KB)

Class Plans for Beginners (56KB)

Mat 2 Presentation (2,399KB)

Mat 2 Manual Extra Notes (88KB)

Mat 3 Presentation (9,315KB)