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What our clients are saying

When you attend a session with Keeley you will come away feeling thoroughly worked, both physically and mentally. Her bespoke approach to communicating the techniques and very realistic benefits of Pilates combined with her extensive knowledge of human anatomy means her classes are always fluid and never static. Professional at all times, her passion for teaching Pilates is clear to all. Her personal desire to push her own knowledge and understanding of the techniques using different training platforms means that we as the ultimate end user will never get tired of this dynamic form of exercise whilst Keeley is in charge. Sharon Catto

Keeley's classes are brilliant and Keeley is an excellent teacher. It is so obvious that she loves what she does. I was a bit nervous about doing a one-to-one class but Keeley put me at ease instantly and I'm really enjoying having the personal attention and tuition. Kerry Welsh

Keeley is highly professional in all her teaching, with the added bonus of making the classes fun. At the same time she is very adaptable, often adjusting the exercises to reflect a particular problem that a class member may have that week. I no longer worry about when my back is going to go, saving me trips to the chiropractor! Peter Woodifield

I live for and look forward to my weekly Pilates in a small group.  It has revolutionalised my life and as a result I do not feel my near 63 years of age! Keeley is an inspiration and a brilliant teacher. Annette Hammond-Chambers

Keeleys classes are never mindless repetitions of exercises. She empowers us to really know our bodies and get the best from them. Isabel Fraser

I have been attending Keeleys classes for over 6 years and always look forward with anticipation. Her studio is lovely, well laid out and inviting. The mat work group class is excellent, using both the mat and equipment, it is often challenging but never tiring or repetitive. The small group class is brilliant too. Keeley will adapt moves to suit our individual abilities and needs and because she has an extraordinary understanding of the muscular structure of the body, will instinctively know if we need help in a specific area. Not only a great teacher she is a really nice person. Julie Vines

I have been attending Keeley's classes for some time and cannot recommend them highly enough. Keeleys custom-made studio is warm, welcoming and well equipped, so there is always something different to work with. The mat work group classes were a great introduction to Pilates for me because Keeley ensures everyone works solely to the best of their own ability - there is no competitiveness. It really is lovely, friendly and relaxed. Since starting Pilates I walk and stand straighter and I have become a more balanced horse-rider. I cannot thank her enough! Jan Currie

Pilates did not hold much interest for me at first as I love  cardio workouts. However, having recently had 2 children, I was advised to try Pilates by my doctor. I have had one-to-one lessons with Keeley and am now part of a small group. My muscles have never worked harder! My core muscles are much stronger and my overall muscle tone & posture have drastically improved. Keeleys classes are never boring as they are different each week. She is an excellent instructor who knows every muscle in your body and how to make them work. She is patient and kind and I highly recommend her. Karen Peterkin

I attend one of Keeleys group classes and can only say they have been a wonderful addition to my week. I always come away feeling completely refreshed and invigorated, at least an inch taller, wonderfully flexible and rejuvenated. I really appreciate her attention to detail and her lovely inspiring energy and sense of mischievous encouragement. Rebekah Petersen

I started Pilates with Keeley 3 years ago in a mat class and then moved on to one on one sessions.  Keeley has helped to straighten me up (no easy task) and strengthen me up which has helped my riding position so much.  Her enthusiasm is endless and I am stronger and more supple than I have ever been, I would not be without it now. Graeme MacArthur

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